Monday, May 3, 2010

First Day as a Writer

Today, May 3, 2010, is the first day I'm going to officially call myself and be a writer.  I have been published in magazines before; however, I was just writing now and then when it fit my schedule.  Today (did I say for the first time), I'm starting a regular schedule.  On my calendar, it actually says from 10:00am - 2:00pm,  I am going to write.  (Does blogging count?)  Writing this brief announcement blog is what I consider the first step of my wrtiting career. 

I'm also going to spend a few minutes looking for a picture that I would like to include with this writing career announcement post so that I can have an image in mind.  I think this will help me feel like a writer.  (Does psychological or mental preparation count as writing?)

So far I have two writing project ideas.  I know which one I would like to start with.  But, for some reason, my computer won't connect to the Internet.   I'm using my daughter's computer right now.  It just doesn't have a printer attached.  I was going to and hopefully still will do a little background reserach.  (Does researching count as writing?)  My style is to prepare, research, outline, prepare some more and then the actual writing doesn't take that long.

Also, I like to read the reader/writer/agent/editor blogs I've been following to keep up on issues and news in the business.  (Does marketing research count as writing?)

I'd better wind this up quick or I won't even actually "write" one word toward my first project today which is my untimate goal to do by 2:00pm.  Wish me the best.  Here I go.

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